Design Like a Pro:

Feel like a fashion maestro with our super-flexible design system. Adjust and blend suits, move, scale, rotate, and color every detail. The base suit? You bet, it's deformable and customizable. Plus, the user-friendly interface makes it accessible to everyone.

We cherish classic play, so we've added a digital twist. Print your designs on "paper dolls" cards, and let the fashion fun spill into the real world.

What's Coming:

Hold onto your hats! In the upcoming update, we're bringing in more fun with fashion competitions. Showcase your designs, compete, and vote for the top picks. It's a celebration of creativity for designers of all ages.

Technical Data

Products: Promo Video, Game (iOS, Android), Server, Admin/Editor app (Win)
Game developed in: Unity 3D, C#
Server: Lumen, PHP

Interactive 3D Relief Map:

Explore the region through an immersive 3D relief map that reveals its contours. Wander through mountains, valleys, and rivers, gaining inspiration for your own adventures. The map is more than a guide; it's an invitation to seek breathtaking vistas.

Each place in the app is a story waiting to be discovered. From GPS coordinates to addresses, web and social pages, pictures and phone numbers, we've got it all covered. Search for places based on distance, region, type, or features.

Augmented Reality Navigation:

Navigate the region effortlessly with our augmented reality feature. Hold up your phone, and let the camera guide you. Landmarks and places pop up, providing a unique orientation experience and helping you identify prominent features around you.

Technical Data

Products: Promo Video, Mobile app (iOS, Android), Editor app (Win)
App developed in: Unity 3D, C#

Precision in Every Detail:

Experience exercises like never before. Each movement has been studied to the minutest detail, examined by fitness professionals to ensure 100% accuracy. Feel the stretch, understand the tension - our app is your virtual fitness companion, offering insights into every nuance of correct form.

Detailed explanations of common mistakes and how to avoid them accompany each exercise, guiding to flawless form. Our anatomically correct yet stylized body model ensures clarity in presentation while guaranteeing accuracy.

360-Degree Interactive 3D Models:

Interact with the 3D model at all times - orbit around, zoom in or out, focus on specific muscle groups. Touch any muscle, and receive educational insights. Understand the mechanics of each exercise with a dynamic, responsive 3D model that adapts to your needs.

Technical Data

Applications: Mobile App (iOS, Android)
App developed in: Unity 3D, C#

Efficiency at its Core:

Designed for simplicity and speed, One Scout addresses the challenges of traditional scouting apps. In collaboration with our clients, we engineered a user interface that prioritizes speed, ensuring seamless usability even on mobile devices. The interface is designed for rapid input without compromising on the depth and accuracy of information.

Connected to Football Realities:

The server communicates with different API services delivering player and team results, ensuring you're always up-to-date with the latest scores, ratings, and essential information. The app can also export comprehensive reports in formatted PDF documents, providing a professional and shareable summary of scouting endeavors. Extensive search and filter options, simplify discovering young talents.

Technical Data

Applications: Mobile app (iOS, Android), Web app, Server
App developed in: Ionic, Angular, TypeScript
Server developed in: Laravel, PHP

User-Friendly Reservation Management:

Pinatable reflects our commitment to user-friendly design for both guests and managers. It features a built-in secure messaging system, fostering clear communication between guests and place managers and also remote notifications system for timely alerts for new messages and reservation reminders.

Innovative 3D Floor Plans:

Setting itself apart, Pinatable introduces an innovative 3D floor plan feature for each venue. Guests can precisely choose their preferred seats by exploring marked sectors and tables on the interactive floor plan. We developed desktop admin application to create those plans and also manage new clubs and events.
Server side is utilizing Parse Platform and MongoDB for a robust and scalable solution.

Technical Data

Applications: Mobile App (iOS, Android), Server, Admin app (Win)
App developed in: Unity 3D, C#
Server developed in: Parse Platform, Node.js, JavaScript

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