About Us

Hey there! We're Scordisc, a creative duo on a mission to make digital stuff that people actually enjoy. Meet brothers Aleksandar Naumović, the design whiz, and Nikola Naumović, the programming guru — driven by a shared love for crafting unique and memorable digital journeys.

How We Got Here

Our story goes way back. Aleksandar, with over two decades in the industry, started by sketching before he could spell. His journey includes crafting 3D scenes in Blender, creating unreleased gems with Virtools, and being an early Unity adopter and mentor. Not just a designer, Aleksandar is a pixel magician with an unparalleled mastery of character animations, special effects, and UI motion design. His expertise extends beyond visuals; he has a natural knack for game design, gameplay mechanics, and UI/UX, adding an enchanting touch to every project.

Nikola, on the other hand, began as an electronics engineer, making electronic devices. But deep down, he was always the guy coding games in GW-Basic and modeling in 3D Studio. Fast forward, he's danced with C#, Javascript, Dart, Python, and PHP, exploring platforms like Unity, Ionic, Flutter, and Laravel. Challenges are his playground, and he loves inventing novel approaches to problems.

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The Scordisc Essence

Studio name is a nod to the Skordiscs, an ancient Celtic tribe. We're all about their spirit — resilient, creative, and a bit rebellious.

Our collaboration started with the creation of "Zox Universe", an arcade couch-multiplayer game that turned into lively local competitions. It was more than coding; it was about creating moments of joy and laughter. Picture this: local competitions in cafes with music, drinks, and a lot of laughter. It was a blast!

What makes Scordisc tick? We're not your standard studio. Clients love us not just because we deliver but because we immerse ourselves in their worlds. We dig deep, toss in some cool features, and solve problems in ways that make our clients grin from ear to ear.

And every new project becomes a learning opportunity, allowing us to grow, evolve, and perfect our craft.

Join Our Ride

The future? It's exciting! We're gearing up for VR and AI, venturing into uncharted territories. And that desktop game we're brewing? It's not just a project; it's a piece of us poured into pixels and lines of code.

Enough about us—let's talk about you. Whether you're a dreamer, a potential collaborator, or just someone curious about our journey, reach out. Let's make the digital world a bit more awesome together. No fluff, no corporate jargon, just real people creating real digital experiences.

Aleksandar Naumović

Nikola Naumović

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Contact Us!

Or just write us a letter on contact@scordisc.com